This exhibit is limited to members of the Plano Art Association. It is an opportunity to showcase members’ artwork in the Gallery @ Courtyard Theatre. Unfortunately, due to the COVID pandemic, the Gallery @ Courtyard Theatre is open for very limited time to admit a lower number of people to allow for social distancing. We will also be unable to host a reception this year. To remedy the low attendance numbers expected, the PAA and Gallery @ Courtyard Theatre plan to film a virtual tour of the exhibit with posting on the PAA website, Facebook Page, Members Only Facebook Page, Instagram site, and other sites to be determined.


This exhibit will be on display from February 24th through March 30th.

  • 2/16 - (Tuesday) Artist Submission Deadline Online
  • 2/18 - (Thursday) Artist Notification
  • 2/22 - (Monday) Art Drop Off (at Gallery @ Courtyard Theatre from 10am to 4pm.
              (Address 1509 H Ave, Plano, TX)
  • 2/24 - (Wednesday) Opening of Exhibit
  • 3/30 - (Tuesday) Exhibit Closes
  • 3/31 - (Wednesday) Art Pick Up at Gallery @ Courtyard Theatre from 12 noon to 4pm.
              (Address 1509 H Ave, Plano, TX)

NOTE: Artwork cannot be removed from the exhibit earlier than this time and date!


Members of the Plano Art Association may submit up to three pieces. Acceptance will be based on the total number of submissions and the space available for exhibiting. Due to Gallery @ Courtyard Theatre limitations, only 2-D works may be exhibited. 3-D artists are encouraged to frame pictures of their work for hanging in the exhibit. This show is intended for PAA members only to showcase the quality and diversity of their works. Remember, you may enter up to 3 pieces, but from 1-3 will be able to be exhibited space allowing.

Exhibit space is limited to approximately 60 pieces.


Artwork will be judged by juror(s) for awarding cash prizes. Awards will be made for Photography, Representational Painting, Non-Representational Painting and 3-Dimensional. There will also be a Best in Show Award. Prizes will total $1000.


PAA MEMBERS - Members may enter up to three pieces for a total fee of $25


Exhibiting artists may sell their work during the show. A 30% commission will be retained by Plano Art Association.


  • 1. Enter one to three images of your work on the next page, which will be automatically forwarded to the PAA Entry Manager and processed for entry.
  • 2. Pay member entry fee. Have your credit card information handy.
  • 3. The PAA Entry Manager will notify artist about which of their works can be included in the exhibit along with a reminder of regulations, key times for drop-off, reception, pick-up, etc.